Radical Apprentices

A Six-Week Study Through the Book of Acts

Welcome to our study through the Acts of the Apostles! Over the next six weeks, Discovery Church is partnering with award-winning author, Ron Mahler, to guide us through his book, Radical Apprentices: Risky and Rewarding Discipleship Rediscovered through the Book of Acts

“How can believers today express their commitment to Jesus in a way that is relevant and alluring? Ron Mahler reintroduces the early Church – whose people were radical in every facet of their faith and ministry – as the ultimate example for Christians to emulate. The trail-blazing testimony of our pioneering Christian ancestors challenges us to imagine a time when faith and fellowship were not just about believing in certain doctrines and doing ‘Christian’ things, but also about living as Jesus lived.”

Here is a link to the book published by Word Alive Press:

Here is a link to author Ron Mahler’s website:

  • The purpose of this study is to read and discuss passages from Acts that are important for taking us back to the roots of Christian discipleship, as it was lived by the very first Christians.
  • Each week of the study will cover two chapters from Radical Apprentices, as well as some passages from the book of Acts in the New Testament. 
  • Prepare for each week’s study by reading the designated two chapters from Radical Apprentices
  • Begin each week’s small group study by reading the passages from Acts together in your group. 
  • Next, watch that week’s video together, where Ron answers questions and walks us through some of the important themes from the book.
  • After watching the video, work through the group discussion questions for that week. You can do as many or as few discussions as you choose or have time for in your group session for that week.

We pray that you find the study challenging and rewarding and that this time of learning and reflection will bless you in your discipleship walk!   

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